SAVIN’SKIN is the trade name of S.C. SAVINVIBE S.R.L. (“Company” or “SAVINVIBE”) registered with the Bucharest Trade Register under no. J40 / 10857/2019, TIN RO41531956, headquartered in Bucharest, 4th District, 13 Metropolitan Nifon St., 2nd floor, apt. 8.

The Privacy Policy (“PC”) describes the types of data and information that SAVINVIBE may collect from Users and Buyers or that are provided to them by them when accessing the websites and ("SAVIN'SKIN"), as well as the Company's practices for collecting, using, maintaining, protecting and disclosing this information.

SAVINVIBE, as a personal data operator, respects the privacy of data and information collected and or provided by Users and Buyers and it protects them as mentioned below.

The Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice to the Users and Buyers in any way when improvements are made to the features and characteristics of websites or when new products or services are added. Therefore, SAVINVIBE recommends that people who access SAVIN’SKIN read the Privacy Policy on a regular basis.

SAVIN’SKIN uses cookies to offer its visitors a better browsing experience and services tailored to the interests of each visitor.

Cookies are small files, consisting of letters and numbers that will be stored on the computer, mobile terminal or other equipment of a user from whom the Internet is accessed. Cookies are installed at the request of a web server, a browser (egg. Internet Explorer, Chrome).

Cookies are completely "passive" (they do not contain software, viruses or spyware and they cannot access the information on the user's hard driver). Cookies themselves do not require personal information in order to be used and, in most cases, they do not identify personally the internet users.

Cookies may be deleted or blocked from your computer or from other equipment, but certain functions or features of SAVIN’SKIN may no longer work or they may not work properly.

Certain SAVIN’SKIN features may use locally stored objects (Flash cookies) in order to collect and store information about your preferences and browsing on SAVIN’SKIN.

Flash cookies are not managed by the same browser settings used by browser cookies.

SAVIN'SKIN pages and emails may contain small electronic files known as Web beacons (also called clear gifs, pixel tags and one pixel gifs) that allow the Company, inter alia, to find out the number of visitors of SAVIN'SKIN, the number of people who started an e-mail or they allow the carrying out of statistics related to SAVIN'SKIN (recording the popularity of certain content, products or services, checking the integrity of the system and of the server).

If you do not agree with our policies and practices, you must not access or use SAVIN’SKIN. Accessing or using SAVIN’SKIN represents your acceptance of the Privacy Policy.


The Privacy Policy applies to the information collected:

  • By accessing SAVIN’SKIN
  • Through direct electronic communication (e-mails, chats, etc.) between Users and Buyers and SAVIN’SKIN
  • By interacting with the Company’s existing advertising actions or computer applications on third-party websites, if they include links to SAVIN’SKIN
  • By downloading mobile and desktop applications from SAVIN’SKIN that provide interactions dedicated to the non-browser Users and Buyers and SAVIN’SKIN

The Privacy Policy does not apply to the information collected:

  • Offline by the Company or by any other means, including any other website of the Company or a third party
  • By any third party, through any application or content (including advertising) that may link to or be accessible from or on SAVIN’SKIN


SAVINVIBE collects several types of information from and about SAVIN’SKIN Users and / or Buyers such as:

  • Personal identification information, namely name, surname, nickname, postal address, e-mail address or telephone number ("personal information") provided by completing the form on SAVIN’SKIN
  • Information on the behavior and use of SAVIN’SKIN
  • Information regarding the internet connection, the browser used, and the equipment used to access SAVIN’SKIN
  • IP addresses and information collected through cookies, web beacons and other tracking technologies
  • Records and copies of correspondence (including e-mail addresses)
  • Answers to opinion polls, satisfaction surveys organized by SAVINVIBE
  • Information on commercial transactions performed through SAVIN’SKIN
  • Financial information regarding cards and bank accounts
  • Information posted by Users / Buyers in any form (any contributions, comments, reviews etc.) posted on the public areas of SAVIN’SKIN. The company does not guarantee that this information will not be viewed by unauthorized persons

By accessing, navigating or interacting with SAVIN’SKIN, certain information about the equipment used, actions and navigation patterns could be automatically collected. Details about your website visits may also be automatically collected, including traffic data, location data, logs and other communication data, and the resources you use when you access SAVIN’SKIN.

The information collected automatically represents only statistical data and it does not identify any person. The information collected helps to improve SAVIN’SKIN in order to provide better and personalized services such as:

  • personalization of certain contents according to individual preferences
  • facilitating searches on SAVIN’SKIN according to individual preferences
  • recognizing the return on SAVIN’SKIN by re-accessing it
  • quantitative and qualitative estimation of the use of SAVIN’SKIN


SAVINVIBE uses and processes or shares the personal data that it collects only for the purposes for which there is one or more of the following legal grounds:

  • The contract concluded remotely with the User / Buyer
  • User / Buyer Consent
  • The legitimate interest of SAVINVIBE
  • Legal requirements


The information collected by SAVINVIBE regarding the name and surname, sex, domicile address, delivery address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth are used for:

  • approval to open an account on SAVIN’SKIN (legitimate interest)
  • approval and processing of orders and payments placed on SAVIN’SKIN and delivery of orders to the address indicated in the order (contract)
  • management of the product stocks and of the resource requirements depending on the variation of orders (legitimate interest)
  • verification of the identity of the person accessing SAVIN’SKIN or placing orders on SAVIN’SKIN (contract)
  • storage in order to facilitate the re-login to the account on SAVIN’SKIN (legitimate interest)
  • storage of financial data, card numbers and bank accounts (consent)
  • solving any problem related to the quality of the products or services offered (contract)
  • informing the Buyer about accidental deficiencies of the purchased products or to withdraw and replace the product that was purchased and delivered (contract);
  • sending to the User / Buyer new information regarding the content of SAVIN’SKIN, and regarding the products and services added (legitimate interest);
  • managing the participation of Users / Buyers in SAVINVIBE contests, promotions, etc. (legitimate interest)
  • obtaining feedback for SAVIN’SKIN, and the products and services ordered (legitimate interest)

The information collected by SAVINVIBE regarding financial data, card numbers, bank accounts, etc. as well as information about IP address, technical information about computer, phone, tablet or other devices, access history and orders on SAVIN’SKIN is used for:

  • prevention of payment frauds when products are purchased from SAVIN’SKIN (legal requirement)
  • improving SAVIN’SKIN content, functionalities and features (legitimate interest)
  • improving communication through SAVIN’SKIN or by e-mail (legitimate interest)

SAVINVIBE uses or shares the personal information it collects with third parties only for the following purposes:

  • for the enforcement of the contract concluded remotely with the User / Buyer, including for the delivery of the products ordered through courier companies
  • for the situations when the law provides and obliges SAVINVIBE to provide or share this information or when institutions or authorities request information provided by law
  • for the improvement of products and services, as well as the management and development of the SAVINVIBE business and risk management
  • for other purposes for which the User / Buyer has given his consent

In order to ensure professionalism in providing the services and products and in order to ensure their quality, SAVINVIBE collaborates with a series of companies or agencies (product suppliers, IT service providers, courier companies, fraud prevention agencies, research companies, etc.).

SAVINVIBE will only share or transfer personal data of Users / Buyers if there is a guarantee that the privacy rights are respected.


SAVIN’SKIN can only be used by people who have reached the age of 16. Persons under the age of 16 (“Minors”) must not access, register, shop or use any of the interactive or public features or features of SAVIN’SKIN.

Minors do not have the legal right to consent to the collection and processing of personal information. For minors, consent can be given by parents or guardians (persons holding the "parental responsibility").

SAVINVIBE does not voluntarily collect personal information from Minors. If SAVINVIBE finds that a Minor has registered on SAVIN'SKIN and has provided data such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or any other personal information (including Username, nickname, etc.) without the consent of his/her parents or guardians, the company will immediately block the account and delete the information.

The information regarding the access and registration on SAVIN’SKIN to some minors can be sent to the e-mail address


SAVINVIBE has taken reasonable administrative, technical and physical measures designed to protect personal data and information from destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or accidental, illegal or unauthorized use.

SAVINVIBE has implemented reasonable technical security measures (encryption, firewalls and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software, etc.) and appropriate organizational measures to ensure a level of security for the personal data which is appropriate to the risk, taking into account at the same time the technological reality, the cost, scope, context and purposes of the processing and the likelihood that the processing may threaten individual rights and freedoms. We use commercially reasonable security measures, such as encryption, firewalls and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software or the secure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS) to protect your personal data.

SAVINVIBE has restricted and controlled the access of employees, contractors, business partners, agents, etc. to personal data and access is limited to the information necessary to provide, operate, develop or improve our services.

All persons who have access to this information have concluded confidentiality agreements and in case of non-compliance attract, as the case may be, administrative, civil or criminal liability.


Persons who access and use SAVIN’SKIN and who provide information and personal data have the following rights:

  • Withdraw at any time the consent to the processing in whole or in part of the the information or personal data they have provided
  • Request the correction of information or personal data containing errors, or which are inaccurate or incomplete
  • Request the deletion of personal data (the right to be forgotten) under the conditions provided by law
  • Request the limitation of the processing of some personal information or data in case it is found that the data is processed illegally, or that it is no longer relevant for the specific purpose. In such cases, SAVINVIBE will retain the data and process it only with the consent of the User / Buyer or only in cases where this is necessary as a result of a legal requirement
  • To request in writing access to their own personal information and data with the presentation of identity documents. In certain circumstances, administrative fees may be required for the provision of such information
  • Request that personal data is not to be processed for marketing purposes (including profiling). The exercise of the right to prevent such processing is done by checking the corresponding boxes on the SAVIN’SKIN page or, subsequently, by a message sent to the e-mail address:
  • Obtain and reuse the personal data provided to SAVINVIBE for their own purposes in various services (right to data portability)

SAVINVIBE may be contacted at any time for further information regarding the Privacy Policy or for any questions regarding your personal information and data by e-mail, to or by mail to the GDPR officer at the following address: SAVINVIBE SRL, 13 Metropolitan Nifon St., 2nd floor, apt.8, 4th District, Bucharest.