Wake up skin. Makeup the rest.
Where spectacular colors meet functionality, safety and performance, that’s where we want to be.
And there’s no other like ILIA that can provide just that.

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Having a home where healthy, organic living was promoted, a passion for design and a mind set on breaking the norm, Sasha Plavsic made it her mission to combine vivid colors with clean beauty, and this mission surfaced into ILIA.

Working with a large group of chemists, Sasha is hands on throughout the process, striving to shape a new path by balancing safety and performance in products, using up to 85% bio-active organic ingredients and combining them with a small amount of safe synthetics which enhances their performance.

You will stumble upon colors like “99 Red Balloons”, “Fade Into You” or “Perfect Day” inspired by 70’s and 80’s music which Sasha plays while dreaming up formulas and creating truly unique products.